Auto tuning

Years ago, when I still had my garage, I spent days and nights tuning and working on my cars. I did not have money, but hey, a lot of things can be done if you have a will and knowledge.

car total workout tunning repair

Easy offroad and mud wheeling

I am probably a pig with part of my soul. With every car I have I enjoy digging mud as deep as it goes. Till it goes...

innovator mud driving offroad wheeling

Ok, sometimes it stops unpredictably

High grass, deep hole and courage over the top. US$ 600 bumper, cooler, belt and it was running again.

invention of how to break the car

Getting high

This time on radio tower, on top with antennas. Just a tourist trip, nothing special, but hey, the goal is to have fun :)

technical check of radio transmitter

Living a life

It's not how long you live, it's not how wealthy you get, but how you live you life. Maybe I realised this too soon, or too late...or maybe just at the right time. The point is, that now I am aware of every moment I spend doing nothing instead of living.

Once upon a time, when I was still in school, my teacher was absent one day. The next day when he returned, he told that he was with his friend, dying, bing with him up to the last minute. And he was watching people crying, family being sad, but this man, his friend, he was cheer.
"How can you be happy, my friend? You are dying," he asks.
"Well," the dying friend answered, "I did what I wanted in my life. I teached my children to life and respect, I bult a house, I have seen the world and I enjoyed each moment. Why should I be sad?"

Having fun in mud

At my age of 40 I actually realised why children are so happy playing in mud. Because it's fun! :) Well, I don't have a real beast for such a play, but still 4x4 with good winter tyres offers a lot of joy, which is measured in kilos of mud I bring back to home yard.

When I heal my financial flu, the first off is a 1999 Jeep Wrangler Limited, few inches lifted and with some proper mud-terrain tyres. And winch, of course. I don't want to stuck in a river again...

Wrestling Einstein's theory

Beleive or not, I questioned one of the Einstein's main relativity theory about energy preserving thru trnasformations only. Now whether I am an undiscovered genious, or so far beyond modern physics that my claims would sound idiotic. Anyways, welcome to read my blog about energy transformations thru different dimensions.

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