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Magneto-Hybrid engine

The actual practical use of magnetic assistance I see is with petrol or electric engines, combined in one cross-dependant device. For performance gain magnetic device would be installed on driving cam, while for low power needs magnetic device would be propelled by electric engine, gaining in power and range.

magnetic assisted diesel engine

Magnetic repulsion engine

Actually, my first idea ever was to construct magnetic engine like this. This is a known principle, but seems noone has managed to find the proper setup and angle between magnets, shadowing razor, and also find the best Mu-metal blind. So far I discovered that Mu-metal will need to be active electromagnet, but the question is, if the output power will overcome input power.

mre - magnetic repulsion engine

Hatem magnet motor

HATEM serial amplifier is based on yet unknown principle, that the sum of power on all secondary axles mounted generators is larger than input power on first motor driven axle.
One of the first things to try when I improve my bank account flu.

magnetic motor self propelled free energy engine with overunity of 300% or more

Perendev engine

Perendev magnetic motor is one of my main interests. While static magnetism cannot produce energy out of nowhere, with some primitive experiments I found out, that dynamic magnetic fields with proper alignment and setup could result in transforming magnetic repuslion into added energy by wearing out magnets themselves.

Perendev magnetic motor self propelled engine on magnetic power

Power of magnetism

Magnetic force is driving human imagination nuts for a long time particulary due to its passive invisible force - it's quiet, static, can't be seen, heard, but its existence is undoubtfull.

Many wanna-be and real inventors are still trying to prove that some perpetual motion can be obtained solely from this static magnetic power forewer, while according to basic phisical laws it is impossible. Energy can only be transformed, not gained from nothing.

Different approach

While above mentioned is still appealing idea, every real inventor simply MUST obey phisical laws and all what matters. So my approach is slightly different and I am not trying to invent perpetuum mobile, but rather transform magnetic power into more usable energy.

Where is the point of my research?
Well, it would be hard to explain in a small space like on this web site the whole principle to withstand scientific debate, but simply put: think of it like nuclear power, the chain reaction upon atomic bomb explosion, which comes from simple molecular equation. Enormous energy by just spliting atom to its parts. Think magnetism the same way - it is not so powerfull, but more durable and seizing down magnetism can produce a large quantity of usable energy.

STARMAG engine

The name stands for Spiral Tunnel Asynchronus Repulsion Magnetic Generator, and as it is obvious from its name, is a generator, powered mainly with permanent neodymium magnetic power.

Contrary to all or most of known magnetic wannabe-perpetuum-mobiles found on internet, STARMAG is the first candidate for success. It does not try to provide continuous motion, nor does it try to be self-propelled in the obvious stator/rotor principle. Instead, it uses unique tunneling principle with repulsive action, where generated current pulse is generated within device reset state, thus asynchronus.

The device main purpose is a distributed power generation, mostly household-based, where returned energy would overcome all consumed energy, generating significant revenue over time. STARMAG devices will be available from small form factor portable device of approx. 1000-2000W output, to household apparatus generating 5-20 kW. Larger devices are also possible to build, but this is not my target market.

Worn out magnets and superconductivity

The idea of magnets consuming its energy to run the device is quite new. Actually, I haven't found it anywhere else in the context of magnetic motor.

On the other hand, the base of my principles are in assymetric magnetic fields, not only in context of its shape, but rather in attraction against repulsion simmetry. The theory behind as of my interpretation would show the dynamic magnetic fields change out of static magnetism under one condition - superconductive material should distrub magnetic field at the approach angle, producing asimmetry in the repulsion strength agains attraction strength on the other side, resulting in dynamic, moving force. This force is then easy to use for transfer momentum amplification, or even as main propelling force.

The problem: diamagnetic superconductor would need to maintain temperatures of below -130 degrees Celsius, even with latest ceramic high-temperature superconductors. Definitelly development and introduction of such high technology is far beyond my reach so for now I must rely on theory and deductive calculations, which assume lower power consumption for maintaining superconductive temperatures.

In praxis it would look like this:
Petrol, diesel or electric engines would have attached a magnetic device (MHE - Magneto-Hybrid Engine) to their output axle like some pre-transmission amplifying box. This magnetic device would amplify the torque and power of main engine by some percentage and run the rest of normal setup.
So far my predictions are that this magnetic device in an average vehicle would need to change magnets so often as clutch is changed, say every 200.000 km, because magnets would worn out. But hey, we're far from results, it's just a theory and the main problem persists - how to obtain either a room-temperature superconductive diamagnetic material, or which near-superconductive material to use.

Need donations and investors

As mentioned, at this stage the plan is to build 8-12 testing devices, with different setups and with versatile principles combined. Estimated costs will be at least 30.000 EUR and this is far beyond my reach. Here I ask you if you are willing to participate anddonate at least few bucks, I would appreciate help very much. Among others, some hardware of high value is a must to obtain, like CNC steel mils and routers, industry controllers and custom programmable modules, and of course, quite a lot of different petrol and electric engines, parts and material.

This is not a one-off project, but rather a long-run dedication, which I beleive will lead to some innovative leaps in next years.

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