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ABS plus - Brake Assist

In 1992 I studied the principles of how to help automobile to stop more efficiently. Within the ABSplus project there were two main parts of the improvement, and one of them was the system, which is nowadays meet in most of modern vehicles - BAS Brake Assist.

In 1994 I sent the project to BOSCH AG, but unfortunatelly I did not protect the innovation.

innovation BAS brake assist for ABS braking system

Green innovations for paper industry

In the years from 1993 to 1998 I implemented a lot of innovative techniques in coating color preparation technology for paper industry. Environmental friendly and green approach to coating preparation resulted in cleaner process and huge savings.

All of those are still in use in paper mill Vipap Krško.

environmental friendly innovations for paper industry

Neodymium power
Magneto-Hybrid engine

Last few years I study principles of magnetism assysted hybrid engines, which seem to have an ability to slowly worn out magnetism from neodymium magnets, transforming this energy into power increase in chain of transformations

Theoretycally overunity power factor of 380% or more could be obtained!

magnetic motor self propelled free energy engine with overunity of 300% or more

GLMS - Global Locating and Monitoring System

Started in 1990 when no public GSM and GPS was available, system with redundant transmitters was able to be located using terrestrial radiogoniometry. Mounted in a vehicle, system included emergency call assistent, bullet-proof housing, and enough autonomy for it to be located. Device would help finding lost cargo and stolen vehicle.

GLMS global locating and monitoring system GPS-less terrestrial goniometry radio location

One battery for one year?

My latest theory of layered energy in time-space predicts enormous power in smaller permanent magnet based battery cells. The main problem I struggle with is how to easily extract extreme dense energy from magnetic layers back to electricity, but when succesful, this energy density could be not less than of a small nuclear reaction.

This means, we could produce a battery, size of today's AA battery, which could power your car for at least few months! The magnetic-based battery promises such a potential, that any comparison to classic chemical-based today's batteries cannot be pictured.


Innovations briefly


More about theory of energy transfer...

My speculative theory behind all this stuff is about energy transitions between layers of different dimensions of time-space. The common denominator of my theory is high dense energy field, like in black hole, where time-space get's compressed and can therefore shift or move back and forth in upper dimension (time, let's assume). Being so, we get access to thousands or millions of times larger quantity of energy (or mass) per same volume unit.



More about permanent magnet battery...

Disposing energy to a layer of upper dimension works even today like a charm, for example, permanent magnets store thousands of times more electromagnetic energy than classic chemical-based batteries. The problem is how to revert the process.



More about magneto-hybrid engine...

The engine is one of the principle to extract energy from upper dimension during time-space compression and decompression phase. My quest is to determine the relations between forces to reach the requirements for such a transition.

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