PHP Session debug script

This script will test PHP SESSIONS functionality. Use links below:
- Press REFRESH and sessions should be EXISTING and READABLE
- Press PHPINFO to see all PHP related settings

Check, if we have existing SESSION or should create new one: New session created! This is normal only at FIRST page load.
If you get NEW SESSION after each page reload, check:
- Are SESSION files really created in SESSION save path?
- If they are, check in PHP.INI if you have session.cookie_secure maybe set to ON; this will work only on HTTPS pages!
SESSION content:
Array ( [time] => 1713368090 )
SESSION id: lqbvkpc924ngucb4kli8ccc3t6
SESSION cache expire: 180
SESSION get cookie parameters:
Array ( [lifetime] => 0 [path] => / [domain] => [secure] => [httponly] => )
SESSION debug:

Session identifier is: lqbvkpc924ngucb4kli8ccc3t6
Can read from file: /var/www/clients/client1/web11/tmp/sess_lqbvkpc924ngucb4kli8ccc3t6 = OK :)
Data is:
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